Overview of our services


As a regular monthly client you will receive timely financial information that will allow you to manage and better control your business. You will receive a monthly operating statement showing your business expenses and revenues, a detailed general ledger showing your transactions and a monthly bank reconciliation to prove out the bank balance with your cheque book balance. Most of all, you will receive a regular monthly consultation to discuss the results of your operation.

Other services available to help you save time and concentrate on what you do best include, government tax calculations and remittances.

For those needing services beyond monthly bookkeeping including: implementation of financial controls to safeguard your business assets; budgets and forecasts to allow you to set targets and manage your business; business plans to help you and others understand your business; review and analysis of your business financial statements to help you understand the financial condition of your business; and other services are also available.

You will benefit from my 20 plus years of real life business experience in areas of finance and accounting. As a professional management accountant who has worked in all levels of management and has been responsible for meeting corporate objectives and goals such as profitability targets and cash flow targets, I know what it takes for you to succeed in your business.


Monthly Computerized Bookkeeping:

  • recording business transactions
  • detailed general ledger
  • monthly operating statement
  • bank reconciliation

Management Accounting:

  • business plans
  • business start ups
  • business mentoring
  • budgets and forecasts
  • financial controls and reporting systems
  • preparation of financial statements
  • financial statement review/analysis and consultation


  • I/Tax preparation
  • GST/HST, PST, WSIB calculations and remittance payroll tax remittance

Helping you start your own business

Do you know what it takes to start your new business and what you should consider before you commit yourself to it? As a consultant I can help you. Ask yourself the following seven questions.

  • Have you researched the business?
  • Do you understand what you are about to purchase? What will you receive for the purchase price? What does the Balance Sheet tell you?
  • Have you obtained and analyzed the business's operating statements?
  • Do you know what your financing requirements are with respect to the purchase and your working capital needs?
  • Do you know how to put together a business plan?
  • What form of ownership should you choose?
  • What registration and reporting requirements do you need to meet?

If you are an existing client, refer new clients to us and receive 15 percent off of your next billing.

If you are a new business owner just starting out or existing business owner, bring or switch your business to us and receive 3 months of free bookkeeping services.

Helping you achieve your business goals

If you cannot satisfy yourself with the answers to the following questions, then you are at risk of NOT achieving your business goals.

  • Does your organization/business lack accounting support to target your problem areas?
  • Do you lack proper accounting controls necessary to safeguard your business assets?
  • Do you have concerns which cannot be resolved by your current accounting staff or provider?
  • Do you have complex accounting issues to be resolved?
  • Are you meeting the necessary reporting requirements imposed by the Federal and Provincial governments/agencies?
  • Are you losing out on allowable Input Tax Credits?
  • Are you leaving yourself open for potential government audits?
  • Do you lack an effective accounting reporting systems necessary to meet your business needs, or should you be converting?
  • Do you need a business plan?
  • Are you managing your working capital and controlling your cash flow?
  • Do you understand your financial statements?

It's not just a numbers game – call 905-735-8846 for superior accounting services.

Based in Welland, Niagara Accounting & Bookkeeping is proud to provide top level accounting to clients both near and far.


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