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We provide accounting services and solutions to the small business sector. These services include monthly record keeping, taxation, and management accounting and consulting. We believe that many small companies lacking the services of an accountant or experienced bookkeeper in house are often faced with problems or issues of the following nature:

  • They lack controls that are necessary to safe guard the concerns of the business and of course it's shareholders and creditors.
  • They are unaware of which records they must maintain in their business, including basic records and those specific to their operations.
  • They are using an inappropriate accounting software package or not fully utilizing its feature, to the fullest extent.
  • They need someone to oversee a conversion from one accounting system to another so to avoid major errors and problems.
  • They could benefit from a review of accounting records/transactions to ensure that there are no errors or incorrect application.
  • They may require explanations or proper treatment of complicated accounting issues/transactions.
  • They do not have the proper systems in place to avoid penalties imposed on by government agencies for source deductions and GST/PST filing.
  • The assumptions used in the development of their business forecasts and plans may not be logical or accurate.
  • They may require assistance with the process of meeting specific reporting needs of a major creditor.
  • They lack the necessary system to manage and control cash and are not using proper credit terms and rolling cash flow forecasts.
  • They do not understand how to use the financial information that is presented.

The consulting services which I focus on is short term, low cost periodic engagements of providing regular financial oversight following completion of the Bank reconciliation or month end. As a sole proprietor, with limited overhead, I am able to provide such a hands on service at significantly lower cost than most Chartered Accountant firms.

Having had experience in industry with controllership functions for various facilities and companies, I have the necessary background and experience to be able to provide the required services. My experiences in areas such as bottom line responsibilities, cash flow and working capital levels, development of budgets and forecasts, internal controls and year end audits will assure that I can provide positive results for your business.

If you would like to discuss how I could be of help to your business please call 905-735-8846 or email .

It's not just a numbers game – call 905-735-8846 for superior accounting services.

Based in Welland, Niagara Accounting & Bookkeeping is proud to provide top level accounting to clients both near and far.


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